Thursday, September 15, 2016

June 2016: Porter Oregon Coast Trip

The highlight of our summer would definitely have to be our trip to the Oregon coast. It have wanted to visit the Oregon coast for awhile now and we finally made it with most of the Porter family at the end of June. The long drive was a little daunting with the kids, but we survived!
The Twin Falls were much bigger than I expected, and beautiful!

As long as she had sun protection and Connor wasn't screaming, Ellie was pretty happy watching Lion King over, and over, and over the whole way there and back.
Exhausted at the rest stop.

The rain forest in Oregon is beautiful. It is unlike anything we have in Utah. 

I spy...

These two cousins had a blast together. 

This was my favorite hike. It was short, but deep in the forest and ended at a suspension bridge and breathtaking waterfall.

They have monster slugs in Oregon!

Of course Brian hauled is bike all the way. Luckily it survived, even when it blew halfway off our car roof as we drove along the Columbia river. What a scare!

Connor was a champ in his backpack and loved exploring the coast for the most part. Even in the cold wind.

Good old father son wrestling on the beach. Joel's still got it. 

Inside the Devil's Punchbowl.

Waiting for some delicious clam chowder.

There was a kite festival going on all weekend. Some of the kites were very impressive. We even saw some synchronized kite flying.

Siblings are the best?


Maybe my favorite spot we visited.

This waterfall is just off the main road on the way to Portland. I am glad we stopped because this waterfall was amazing. 

Breakfast of champions in Portland--Voodoo Donuts.

The drive home was long, but we made some great memories and hope we can make it back to the Oregon coast again someday.