Sunday, April 25, 2010


Brian has been preparing feverishly for finals. I am glad he is being so studious, but dropping your husband off at 7:30 and having him come home at midnight is not very fun. You'd think it might motivate me to use my time wisely and get more'd think.

Brian did have his final oral argument for one of his classes last week and he did very well, so I am just going to brag a little. He received a score of 98/100 and this is what judge Lisa Freeman had to say about it....

"Great! Your style is impecable, very calm, persuasive style. Your argument on special need was excellent. Overall, fabulous work."

I'm no English teacher (oh wait, yes I am) but I think words like "impecable" and "fabulous" are pretty strong adjectives. Way to go sweetie! Hopefully your finals go just as well.....

Just rememebr, no matter what, I am proud of you.