Friday, October 9, 2015

August 2015

     August was not quite as crazy as July, but still full of fun. Especially for Ellie, who had more fun with cousins. We started off to a visit with some friends at an amazing home complete with several pools, slides, and high dives.

Cutest little cowboys on the block

My mom took Ellie and Will to Lagoon for a day of fun. 

Hunting for worms! Ellie finally got brave enough to find one.

Good times with Ellie's cousin Will on the other side of the family. The two cousins she plays with the most are the same age and are both named Will.

We enjoyed hot dogs roasted over our new fire pit. 

Ellie got in plenty of reading as usual. I love when I come in after her nap and find her surrounded by books just as happy as can be. 

Ellie has been such a good sister to Connor. She is always very concerned about who is touching or holding him and has to make sure they are a "friend" before she gives them her permission. She also likes to pat him softly and tell him it will "be ok" when he is crying.