Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Season

 Kati and I are both excited for our little Christmas presents--though they won't be coming until next year.
 I love the Christmas Season. It flew by this year, and I feel left behind, grasping for fragments.I was happy to have my parents back from Sand Diego so that we could have our traditional Christmas Eve at the Ranch. The Ranch is so festive at Christmas with greenery twined around every railing, Nativity sets placed in almost every available location, and the tall tree, covered in lights and decorations that each bring back a special memory.
 The performance of the Nativity is never more authentic than when it is performed down in the barn, amid the hay and the snow and the animals. Brian was the most angelic of the Shepherds.

 Even the littlest angel sang along.

 There's no place like home for the Holidays.
 The pinata is a newer tradition, started with our Christmases spent in Mexico on the mission. The little cousins really enjoyed themselves.

We spent Christmas day with the Porters, which was wonderful as always. It is just always over too soon. Families return home and go back to work, but there is always another Christmas around the corner. Hopefully it won't pass by so quickly next year.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

November Update

 Life has been crazy. November and December are busy enough months...throw in our anniversary, Brian's birthday, pregnancy, looking at houses, offering on a house, parent teacher conferences, City Academy's book fair which I am in charge of, Sterling Scholar deadlines coming up (which I am also in charge of), musical numbers in church (really? I'm playing three musical numbers on the 23rd and singing in the choir? Does anyone really want to see or listen to me that much?) and it literally becomes a whirlwind. I don't think I've gone to the store in weeks....don't ask what we are surviving on.

 Amid all that, we have had some time to enjoy friends and family. Kati and Jeff took us to an amazing Jazz game in amazing seats. Jimmer even waved to me (or I like to think that). We then spent a fun evening with them up in Park City ...complete with a stay in a condo at The Canyons.

 I found time to make Brian his Birthday Breakfast, complete with the "You are Special" plate.
We also spent a wonderful Thanksgiving with family, though I didn't manage to capture any pictures of that. That wraps up November (I also cut myself some bangs, because I KNEW I wouldn't find time to make an actual hair appointment). December updates and more on houses and whatnot will be coming soon I'm sure.