Monday, November 22, 2010

One Year Down: Eternity to Go

Happy Anniversary! We've made it through the first year with only bumps and major injuries. What a crazy year it has been too with Brian in Law School and me teaching my first year of high school English. It hasn't always been fun and games, but it has always been a wonderful year and it has gone by so fast! I'll spare you all the cheesiness and just highlight some of the best things from the past year.
Getting married for time and all eternity would have to be #1. Besides it's what started us on this crazy journey.Eating these leftovers wasn'tbad either....Goung to BYU Basketball games is something we will continue to enjoy Making Brian take part in the annual Christmas pageant at the Ranch.

Going to Florida for our Honeymoon and hanging out at Disneyworld
Going to Florida and freezing our patooties off...

Cuddling close during those cold winter months...
Traveling to Las Vegas with Rich and Maria in the Spring and hiking around Red Rock

Cliff jumping with Rich and Maria at Sand Hallow

Driving to San Francisco to visit my parents and riding bikes down the beach.

Acting like kids again at Sea World

Living here over the summer: the most beautiful place on earth.
Having Brian's family up to the Ranch for a family vacation and playing crazy games.Backpacking in the Uintas with Brian and realizing how out of shape I really am.Traveling to Glacier, Waterton Lakes and Banff with the Porter fam.Being the suppot crew while Brian completed the LOTOJA: his first bike race EVER!
Here's to a wonderful year, full of family, fun, and laughs. I can't wait to start over and see what the next year brings and the next 60 after that!