Sunday, July 31, 2016

June 2016

Ellie is still working on her camera smile.

Connor was finally big enough (with the help of a pillow) to take a long ride in the bike trailer.

We went on more hikes. We stop at this beautiful spot by the stream and just off the trail for lunch on our favorite local little hike.

Both kids enjoyed the swings in the evenings.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

May 2016

These cute cousins started interacting together a bit more.

This is what 6 am looks like around here.

More Tree House Museum time, this time with friends.

Got a few precious minutes to enjoy the backyard and the new hanging chair.

Brian's brother bought a house. We are so glad they will be close by!

We really started to enjoy the beautiful outdoors this month. 

We got to visit several graves this memorial day.

A crazy wind storm blew through, tearing up trees, fences and causing a lot of damage. 

Luckily the only damage we sustained was the loss of our very old and beat up grill. 

We built a sandbox in the backyard. 

April 2016

My mom treated Ellie and me to the Natural History museum where they had an amazing gecko exhibit. They also had a fun pigeon exhibit. The whole museum is very well done.

A big tree branch was broken and hanging in our beautiful backyard tree. Our nice new neighbor saw Brian and me trying to cut it down and he came over, climbed our tree, and cut it down for us. Nice neighbors are the best.

My talented nieces and nephews gave a great recital for Grandma Joycie.

I love every opportunity Ellie Joyce has to spend with her great-grandma Joyce.

Spring is here!

Brian watched the kids for an evening while I went and got my very first pedicure ever and went out to dinner with two of my best friends in the entire world. 

I took Ellie up to Snowbasin where there was still plenty of snow. 

We enjoyed the baby puppies at Heritage Park.

March 2016

Besides Ellie's birthday, Brian took me out for a fun date at an art studio where we painted our own masterpieces. We also enjoyed the Tree House Museum and Easter. 

Brian escaped the chilly weather to go biking in Moab.

Ellie loved the annual Easter egg hunt.

Wiped out!

This boy finally started sleeping through the night!