Monday, July 14, 2014

The 4th of July

When we were dating, Brian thought my love of the 4th of July was a little strange. He still doesn't quite understand it, but after going to 5 4th of July celebrations in Oakley, he is starting to understand a bit better. Oakley is the home of 4th of July celebrations. They might not have the biggest parade, and the floats and entries might be the same every year, but they still throw candy, and there is something comforting about seeing the same people each year. Brian mentioned at the rodeo that the announcer says the same thing every year. "Yeah" I told him, "That's what I love about it." I'm a sentimental and nostalgic person at heart which is why I think I love the 4th of July in Oakley so much. I know what to expect and I am never disappointed. Brian and I went to the rodeo with Allie, Dave, Jordan, and Caitlin on the 3rd while Ellie slept at the Ranch House. It was a good time like always, though it was windy at the beginning and sprinkled on us a little. Ellie made it to the parade this year and while she didn't seem ecstatic about it, she watched it fairly intently. She didn't even cry at the ear-splitting fire trucks. We weren't sure how Bristol would react. She didn't love the loud noise and preferred to watch the parade from the safety of the back of the car.After the parade we always have the Cannon Family Reunion and BBQ. Ellie enjoyed wandering around the lawn, lounging on Spike, sitting in Mommy Cannon's little chairs at the ranch house, riding the six-wheeler with Dad, and checking out the horses (she calls them all "dog"). After all the activities, we were plumb tuckered out.