Saturday, September 19, 2015

July 2015

     July. What a month! So much happened in July. July came in with a bang. We went up to Oakley on July 2, and went to the rodeo that night. I knew sitting on those narrow hard benches for hours wouldn't be comfortable (and boy was I right) but I wasn't about to miss it! Maybe the fireworks that night got Connor so excited he just couldn't wait. 

The next day we played at the ranch. Ellie had fun riding Frankie with Grandma.

And wearing Grandpa Tim's cowboy hat around while playing with cousins.

I was feeling so large and uncomfortable that I took this picture of my belly. I had no idea I would be rushing to the hospital at 3:00 am the next morning!

Brian went on an epic all-day bike ride with Dave. It is a good thing Connor waited until we were sleeping that night!

Early on the morning of July 4th Connor was born. What a day to arrive! July really did come in with a bang.

We left Ellie at the ranch when we left to go to the hospital and she had a blast going to the parade and playing with her cousins.

Thankfully she had grandparents and aunts and uncles to help her with all the festivities, so she didn't miss Mom and Dad a bit.

My mom kept Ellie with her for most of the week so we didn't have to worry about her and Ellie loved every minute she was at the ranch. She mowed the lawn with Grandma,

And played in the hot tub,

And met cousins at the zoo, and at Heritage Park.

July was one big party for Ellie!

While Ellie was having a blast with grandparents and cousins, we got to know sweet Connor boy a bit better. He was a sleepy little guy for most of July.

We even made it out to Will's birthday party.

Ellie fed the goats her hair.

Everyone oooed and awwwed over Connor.

And Connor slept some more.

Brian took Ellie to the Porter family reunion up at the Heber campground. More parties for Ellie.

Back at the ranch Brian fell through the tramp while giving the girls a "boat ride".

And I took Ellie for an adventure to find the older cousins and the sniper fort they built up in the trees.

Brian's parents watched Connor sleep while Brian and I went out for a quick dinner for my birthday

Getting out is a rare experience these days!

And Ellie ate "snakes" while we were out.

We also made it out to Porter family pictures.

Four amazing generations of Porter boys.

Brian also took Ellie to the Daddy-Daughter Campout for the ward. She had a blast with the other kids and camping with Dad.

Ellie wasn't home much in July, but when she was she enjoyed hanging out in the backyard as usual.
We are grateful for a July absolutely FILLED with family, friends, and an appreciation of the outdoors. What a wonderful world that we live in, and how many blessings we have been given!