Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Mustache, Legos, New Years, and Burlap.....

Yes, I fully realize that the title of this post seems entirely random. Newsflash--it IS random. But so is life. And these are the semi-noteworthy parts of my life since.....well, since my last post.

Meet the mustache.
This beauty made an appearance for the Porter Family Photos. It was supposed to be a joke, but Brian forgot his razor and we had to wait for him to go to the store, buy a razor, and shave his I'm-a-train-robber-so-stay-out-of-my-way mustache. Not before we took the awesome picture above however. Coincidentaly the pictures were taken at a train station. How appropriate.Over the Christmas break Brian spent his spare time building this Star Wars contraption which his younger brother got for Christmas....last year. Brian was so proud he made everyone look at it and admire it at least a dozen times that day. New Years was a blast with friends up in Oakley. It was especially good to see Amanda, even if just for the night. I miss my friends all the time and love when we can get together and laugh and talk just like old times. Now I know most of you who read this blog probably know me well enough to be shocked that I, Mandy Marie, have of my own accord made something crafty. Whether or not it looks great is not the point. The point is, I actually bought a GLUE GUN and MADE SOMETHING MYSELF. I made this burlap wreath using the tutorial here.Shocker....I didn't stop with the wreath. I have extra burlap, and I had some glass bottles left over from some New Year's Martinelli's so I covered the bottles with the burlap. The green in the bottles just didn't match anything, so I figured hey...why not. Stay tuned for my next project---turning the old clunky coffeetable below into an upholstered bench. I have the material, I have the foam, now all I need are the paint and the time. Hopefully I will aquire these two things in the near future.
And now....time for bed.