Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Capitol Reef National Park

     Our Moab trip went so well that we decided to take one last trip before the baby comes. We headed down to Capitol Reef national park. I have no idea why I had never been here before. I have been to Moab, Arches, and Zions a million times, and to other places in Utah like the San Rafael area and Escalante, but I had never been to Capitol Reef. It is definitely some place we would like to go back to. It was gorgeous country. When we arrived the campground in the park was full. I was disappointed at first and we weren't sure what we were going to do, but a park ranger told us about some BLM land just outside the entrance to the park. We headed that way and found a great place to camp. No bathrooms and 8 months pregnant was not the best, but other than that I would prefer camping here anyway. You don't have people jammed in right next to you and the kids loved playing in the rocks and sand. We bought a new huge tent that will accommodate a blow up mattress and a pack n play and still has TONS of room to spare. These days I am all about making camping as easy and comfortable as I can! We had so much fun just in and around the camp. We brought Ellie's strider bike and she was getting really good by the end of the weekend--mountain biking over rocks and dips just like her Dad.
       Dave came down and brought Jordan and Caitie, which was awesome for Ellie. Caitie was so cute with Ellie and would take her exploring and play with her in the "bear cave" a little hollow in a rock next to our camp site. It was so fun to watch Ellie have a blast with her cousins. We went on one hike, but I wasn't up to much hiking. In fact I lounged in the shade while the rest of the group climbed up a steep face to see some water pools. While they were gone Ellie apparently had an accident and had to hike all the way out with no pants. She was a pretty good sport about it though.
        After our hike Dave took his kids on a longer trek and Brian and I took Ellie to get some pie at the little store in the park. Then we took Ellie for a drive to give her a nap. The country around this area was stunning. I couldn't help but wonder about the geology and history of it all. It is fascinating to me. We stopped at some pictographs on the way back to camp. Ellie loved running along the boardwalk and it was so nice to be able to just let her run, knowing there was nowhere for her to go. It was a perfect little walk for her.
         Sunday morning we had breakfast in the park under the cottonwoods trees. With the river running by, the beautiful orchards surrounding us, and the sandstone cliffs rearing up into the sky, you couldn't ask for a more beautiful setting. 

This picture makes me crack up every time I look at it. 

Caitie and Ellie in the "bear cave"