Thursday, November 26, 2015

October 2015

October started great, the middle was a little lousy, but it ended on a good note.
Ellie discovered that the chickens were pretty interesting, and she even managed to catch one. I couldn't find her in the backyard so I went out to look and found her sitting in this bush holding one of the chickens. I ran in to grab a nicer camera.

As I was looking for the camera I saw heard Ellie and came around the corner to see this. Ellie had brought the chicken in the house.

She did not want to let the chicken go, even though she said it was "soooo heavy..." 

We enjoyed conference and even flew kites between sessions on Saturday. I got a little stuck on the fence while wearing Connor.

We made it out for a beautiful fall hike with some friends.

Then the sickness hit. Ellie got it first. Poor thing was terrified every time she threw up.

Then poor Connor got it. He was such a sweet little guy through the whole thing, even though he was throwing up all day and night. Brian and I came next. Ugh.

Once we were all better, Brian took Ellie on a Daddy-Daughter breakfast date to McDonald's.

Ellie continued to obsess over the chickens and try to catch them. When she did catch one, she insisted on sitting in the same place. She held this chicken for probably 20 minutes. 

We headed out to the pumpkin patch. 

This picture cracks me up. The sun is just perfect on Ellie's face and it makes her look like a little goblin. Still a super cute one.

We had lots of Halloween fun. 

Ellie and her friend Beckett were the cutest little hobbit trick-or-treaters. 

Connor and Brian matched, so I thought I would dress to match Ellie since all the boys in Mexico when I lived there called me "Legolas" and said I could be his stunt double.

It was a happy end to October.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

September 2015

   September flew by.
Connor got cuter and cuter.

Ellie went to the state fair with Grandma Melissa and Will. 

Those are some serious farmers ready for some work.

Ellie's favorite part of the fair though? The ferris wheel! She called it the "wheel barrow" and told me all about it. Will was obviously not as impressed.

We blessed Connor. 

We went to the zoo with Grandma Deanna and Will Porter.

Ellie got to see Uncle Jake and Aunt Christie in from Chicago for a couple of days.

Connor started to smile and laugh.

Ellie continued to enjoy the outdoors.

Brian had shoulder surgery. Again. It seems to have been successful so hopefully no more surgeries in the future!

Connor got chunkier. And hunkier. 

We went on a hike with Grandma Deanna and Aunt Christie.

Ellie is an awesome hiker and could probably hike all day.

Unfortunately Bristol ate one of our poor chickens. It was quite the traumatic discovery for me. I grew up on a ranch with plenty of exposure to death. But I never had one of my pets eat another one of my pets. Ellie still thinks one of our chickens is "lost." 

I best of all I enjoyed spending time with both my precious children.