Sunday, December 21, 2014

December Sickness

December has been a miserable month of sickness in our house. It started right after Thanksgiving when I came down with a cold, but it was nothing serious. As soon as I started getting over that, Ellie came down with something terrible. She had a high fever for three or four days and was definitely not herself. She then broke out in a horrible rash that covered her entire body. I know she had bad body aches and I felt so bad for her. Having sick kids is the worst. Ellie is usually such a happy and sweet little thing, but she was sad, in pain, and wasn't happy no matter what. As soon as Ellie started feeling better I caught a NASTY virus. For over a week I could barely speak and felt like my throat and lungs were on fire. I had body aches for days and was so tired I felt like the walking dead. We seem to be pretty much recovered which I am grateful for, and I hope we can enjoy the rest of the Holiday season in good health!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

November 2014

 November is always a crazy month. We had a nice enough day at the beginning that I was able to take Ellie to Wheeler Farm and let her enjoy the animals. While I didn't document the rest of November very well, we had a great time. Brian and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on the 21st with a night on the town and a stay at my parents condo in downtown Salt Lake. We stuffed ourselves at the Cheesecake Factory and I discovered my new favorite cheesecake: Chocolate Tuxedo. A few days later we celebrated Brian's 31st birthday, and then two days after that we gorged ourselves on Thanksgiving turkey and pie. Not a great month for our waistlines! Ellie is so talkative these days. She knows all her ABCs, can count to 10, and is starting to put words into sentences.

Friday, November 7, 2014

October 2014

October was fabulous. Warm, dry, and full of fun. We spent some glorious days at the ranch, riding horses (which Ellie loved), playing in leaves, playing with cousins, going for walks, catching frogs (or watching cousin Brian and Timmy catch a frog), and just enjoying the beauty. We also went on a few hikes, enjoyed the fall colors, had great fun in the leaves, picked the last of the garden produce, and even spend some time indoors at the Treehouse museum on one rainy day. What a perfect fall month.


This is what it looks like trying to wrangle Ellie for a picture.

This is what it looks like when we get at least partial success.

Halloween Fun 2014

Our Halloween activities were pretty fun this year, even if Ellie didn't quite understand what was going on she still enjoyed the ward party, carving pumpkins with friends, and trick-or-treating. Mommy Cannon and Pop brought back this little Swiss dress from their mission in Switzerland and Ellie looked like the cutest little Heidi in it. I have a devil of a time ever getting this girl to hold still for a picture though. She wasn't too excited about trick-or-treating at first, what with strangers involved and all, but once she discovered she could stick her hand in and choose any shiny piece of candy she wanted, she warmed up to the idea. Her favorite part of Halloween though? Running around like a maniac with a pumpkin bucket on her head. She didn't care that she was bouncing off walls and kitchen appliances. She thought it was hilarious.

Ellie knew just what to do with smarties, even if they were unwrapped.

Ellie wasn't too happy before we started trick-or-treating, but once she figured it out, she was so cute, saying "teet" (trick-or-treat) and "to-doo" (thank you) after getting her candy.

Happy Halloween!