Sunday, April 3, 2016

January 2016

2016 started off well with our traditional New Year's Eve party. Jenny and Mark hosted this year and it was a blast. January continued with a trip to California, snow, and the passing of Brian's sweet grandfather Gerald Porter. 

The pie in the face game was a big hit.

Ellie loved popping balloons. She didn't even care what was inside.

We got out for a few hours to cross country ski. It felt so nice to get out in the beautiful weather.

Connor started eating more solids and finally started liking it.

Ellie started a little tumbling class. 

Her favorite part though is eating candy at the end of class using the token she earns. She and Beckett have a great time.

We headed off to California, ready for some warmer weather.

Brian, Connor, Corey, and Corey Jr. It was so fun to see Corey and Patricia and Connor's new little buddy! They are only a few weeks apart. 

We loved the aquarium at Long Beach.

We all enjoyed the Getty Museum, even though Ellie got in trouble for touching a 17th century cabinet.

Ellie refused to take this creepy mask off and wore it the rest of the time.

Eric and Shelby met us that night at Corey and Patricia's

The next morning we headed to an amazing breakfast on Malibu Beach.

Brian's grandpa Gerald Porter passed away at the end of January. Thankfully we were able to go see him the day of his passing. He was an amazing man with a huge heart. He loved his large family: 12 children, dozens of grandchildren, and several great-grandchildren. He loved the gospel as well and I am grateful that I am able to be a part of his family. We will miss Grandpa Porter but know that we will see him again someday.

We got more snow in January and enjoyed sledding on our steep front yard: the only thing it is good for!