Monday, March 21, 2016

December 2015

December was full of magic and snow and family. We packed in the parties and ate too many goodies, but we sure did enjoy ourselves.
This is as close to a picture with Santa as I could get. Ellie stood excitedly in line and as soon as Santa asked for her to come sit on his knee she burst into tears. 

Ellie loved the new train that Brian ordered to set up around the tree (and I love her hair in this picture).

December started off with rain, which didn't stop Ellie from playing outside in the dark for close to an hour.

But the rain soon turned to snow and boy did it snow! 

In 24 hours we had more than 14 inches of snow.

The poor chickens were nearly buried.

We headed to downtown Ogden to see Christmas Village with my mom and dad. 

Afterwards my mom watched the kids and we headed out with my dad to see the new Star Wars. It did not disappoint! Childhood memories of pretending I was Luke and playing with my babysitter's Millenium Falcon came rushing back.

We met some friends at Temple Square to see the lights.

We headed up to the ranch for the annual Sami Claus party.

Ellie ate an entire plate full of whipped cream.

Christmas Eve arrived with our traditional Mexican fare.

Ellie made the cutest little shepherd.

And Connor made the cutest little glowing baby Jesus.

Christmas with these two was a blast.

Brian took Ellie to her first Jazz game. Her highlight was the candy.

And we all enjoyed some more fresh snow.