Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ellie at 2 Months

 Ellie at 2 months is delighting us with smiles and facial expressions. She is interacting with people now and it is so fun to talk to her and play with her and try to get those precious smiles to appear. She answers to Eleanor, Ellie, Little Bean, Ellie Bean, and Beenie. It's funny how nicknames get started. When she was all wrapped up in her swaddlers she looked like a little jelly bean so we just started calling her Little Bean. I have a feeling it is going to stick with her for awhile. We use it much more than her actual name. My family still calls me Boo, so if it sticks that long lets hope its not too much of an embarrassment.
 So far she has been a very good baby for the most part, as long as she is fed, and she lets you know in no uncertain terms when she hasn't had enough. I think it is a result of the first few weeks when she wasn't getting enough. When she wants food she wants it NOW and if she isn't done she uses her little vocal chords to let us know. She is has already been sleeping through the night for over a week. She goes down around 10:30 or 11:00 and sleeps until 6:00. Today she slept until 7:00. She likes car rides, baths, being held up on your shoulder, and walks in her carrier.
 I had to return to work this last week. I miss Ellie a lot while I am away, but luckily I only have a couple more weeks. Ellie spends her day with her grandmas. I either bring her to Salt Lake and my mom watches her at my Grandma's house or I leave her with my mother-in-law in Ogden. I'm so glad that Ellie has family that can watch her while I finish up the school year, and that she has the chance to spend some time with my Grandma Joyce--where Ellie gets her middle name.
That's one happy girl, and my grandma who still looks so beautiful. 
I can't believe how much Ellie has already changed and it is so fun to watch her grow. Each day when I look into her sweet eyes I am overwhelmed with how much I love her. I hope she will always feel that.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Eleanor's Baby Blessing

We blessed Eleanor on April 28th. Her Grandma Deanna made this beautiful dress and Ellie was a perfect angel the entire time. She was quiet during the blessing and then slept peacefully as she was passed from person to person. Everyone was eager to hold her.
I wanted to record the blessing so that I could write it down later but Ellie and I were a couple minutes late to our ward and our bishop is very punctual so we basically walked in and it was time for the blessing. I didn't have a chance to record it, but I will write down what I remember:
Brian blessed Ellie with health and strength. He blessed her that she would have faith and gain a strong testimony and know of the love that her immediate and extended family have for her. He blessed her with the ability to make good friends at church, school, and wherever she goes. He blessed her with a sound mind that will allow her to take advantage of the educational opportunities that come her way. He blessed that she will be able to attend the temple and enjoy her own family someday. He also blessed her with the knowledge that her Heavenly Father loves and cares for her.
We are so grateful to have this beautiful daughter in our lives.
Families are Forever.