Sunday, January 8, 2012

Last Hurrah in San Diego

Our last trip to San Diego was absolutely beautiful, and it was a great place to try out my Christmas present. This post is really picture heavy because I was so happy about figuring out my new camera, but I always like to look at pictures anyway. We arrived in San Diego just in time to go out to the beach and see the sunset. The tide was low, and the sunset was brilliantly orange.

 We then headed over to Sea World for the last time, and took part in their christmas joy. We even had fun frolicking in a human-sized snowglobe.
 And we had to come to San Diego to actually get some snow... This snow pavilion at Sea World was one of the most popular venues. It was great to see people so thrilled with a little pile of snow.

We went to the Wild Animal Park our second day. I loved taking pictures of all the colorful and exotic birds, as you can see. There were also a lot of antelope, a baby gorilla, and baby elephants. See if you can spot them all...

I love the Meerkats. They were out enjoying the sun and relaxing like couch potatoes...what a carefree life.
 We made it out to the beach on Coronado a couple nights as well, and while there weren't clouds during this sunset, it was still absolutely gorgeous. I really had a thing for birds this trip.

 Yes, I know. My jumping is pathetic.

 The Midway

My camera has a pretty nice panorama assist, and it came with a stitching program. This picture was taken on the ferry over to Coronado. We rode bikes from Old Town, took them on the ferry, and rode around Coronado. This was one my favorite activites.
Farewell San Diego. I hope we come back and visit you again one day.
I am glad you are giving my parents back though.


mia said...

gorgeous pictures!! you are already a pro with the new camera! glad you could take one last trip to san diego. we miss you guys! any job prospects in vegas for brian??

Jenny said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! I'm going to miss San Diego.

Emily said...

gorgeous! I WANT YOUR CAMERA!!!!

Abby and Jonathan said...

I love those pictures!! Looks like you guys had a ton of fun! We miss you guys!