Thursday, March 4, 2010

BYU basketball.

Well everyone this is Brian. You may have logged on expecting some story about something girly like flowers or scrapbooking, or painting....but that's just not going to happen today (actually if you wanted a blog about those things you probably shouldn't have expected Mandy to post about them either. Just saying...)

Well B.Y.U. may have lost to New Mexico, but at least we got the sweet indoor shades that proided us with entertainment prior to the game starting.

At least BYU dominated last night in Utah, which is good news in case you didn't hear. I happened to be on campus, and I saw the score and got really excited. I called one of my friends in Provo and said "I can't believe we're winning by that much!!" only to get 500 angry Utes staring me down as I slowly left the student building with all eyes on me. Sometimes being a BYU fan in Salt Lake can be tough!

Other than that nothing too much else to report. We are enjoying living in the basement of Grandma Joyce's house, and law school is, well its law school. Today we talked talked about defeasible future interests in real property. Sounds exciting right? But oh well my other classes are good and we're both getting excited for the summer which can't come soon enough. Thats all for now.


Kandis & Derek said...

We just wanted to say....GO UTES!

Mandy said...

Hmmm, who won the BYU football game, and both basketball games? I forgot.