Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Fun in the Sun

Finally...something interesting to blog about. After the drudgery of school and work, Brian and I were finally able to make it away for a weekend. Brian and I, along with Rich and his fiance Maria, headed down to Las Vegas for the weekend. Originally we were going to spend Saturday on Lake Mead, but those plans didn't work out. Like the resourcful people we are, we pulled together some other plans that turned out to be just as fun.

On our way back we stopped at Sand Hollow. It is a little lake by St. George, but it has some great cliffs to jump from. Problem is, you have to swim quite a ways to get to this island. It made me realize how out of shape I am. This picture of Brian cracks me up.....

Brian is about to do a back flip here, but the camera man got a little too anxious.

This is what we call synchronized cliff jumping

On Saturday we hiked up a canyon in Red Rock. The day was hot, but had a nice cool breeze. We stopped to do some artistic yoga along the way. We are so zen.

Those Vegas thugs will strip your car in seconds.....Brian never even noticed--he's such a focused driver.

Rich was kind enough to throw a rock into a stagnant pool at just the opportune moment, splattering me with moss--literally from head to toe.

Maria and I clinging for dear life.

We had a great trip--great company, great food (thanks to my wonderful aunt Shelly who waited on us hand and foot, and to my uncle Russ who even made us grilled ribs on the BBQ) and beautiful sights. What more can you ask for? Oh yeah....a pet to bring home. That's right, we collected some tadpoles on our hike and they made the long journey home with us. Brian dubbed ours Buffalo Bill---in honor of his western heritage. And that wraps up our successful memorial day weekend.
How was yours?

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Emily said...

Awesome pictures - loved them all. especially the one of all of you jumping and rich looking at the camera. mid-air. you guys are INSANE!!

What a great weekend!

I can't wait to see you all this summer!