Saturday, February 7, 2015

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is probably my favorite night of the year. We all gather at the Ranch, consume large amount of delicious food, dress up as shepherds, angels, wise men, Mary, Joseph, barn owls (in Ellie's case this year) and head down to the barn for the Nativity. I also love that we have added some new traditions. Instead of a traditional American Christmas dinner, ever since my parents returned from their mission in Monterrey, Mexico we have had Mexican fare and a pinata at the end of the night. Just like the Sami Claus party celebrates the time my Grandparents spent in Switzerland as missionaries, I like that Christmas Eve now blends in traditions from Mexico. We were lucky that there was snow at the Ranch for Christmas Eve (because there wasn't any in South Weber) and we were able to sled down the driveway. We returned for the pinata and goodies and then returned home excited for Christmas morning!

I LOVE the look on the faces of these adorable wise men. And what are they looking at....?

The mighty King Herod of course! I love that my uncle Richard still dresses up and hams it up as the great King Herod for our Nativity program.

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